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Our business

WinPeo is specialized in sales outsourcing in Europe.
Our strategy combines a qualitative database and a team of multilingual specialists.

We use a broad range of tools such as traditional prospecting, campaign follow-up, social selling and a unique approach to market analysis and opportunity identification.

Winpeo also benefits from a large network of indirect sales partners and has a team of highly experienced senior sales team/consultant who will close your deals for you. We will assist you frrom the prospection untill the signature of your deals/ contracts.

Our objective is to enable companies to benefit from our sales expertise and resources. The commitment of our team is to contribute to the growth of our clients.

Our commitment

We have leads
for all your projects


Winpeo is the pioneer in the provision of timeshare salespeople.
We position ourselves as an accelerator in the execution of your sales plan.

In concrete terms, WinPeo provides you with talented teams who will help you accelerate your growth, materialize the execution of your development plan throughout Europe.

Our methodology

Strategic Scan


As always, the key is to plan careful and identify the market opportunities. In the first few weeks, we take our time to understand and define together our mission and our clients key performance indicators.

During this detailed and thorough analysis, we will start by defining the target audience we will be addressing.

We will agree on the most suitable approach that will best meet your objectives, which will materialise in a “salesbook”.

Operational execution


Once we have acquired the right database, we will execute the prospecting mix agreed together which is typically a mix of digital marketing (emailing, LinkedIn, …) and phone calls.

The daily follow-up and coaching of our internal sales team allows us to reach the key performance indicators defined together.

Our weekly sales meetings will provide you a detailed report highlighting the progress of the campaign and allow us to adjust where necessary.

Meetings & Demo’s


Our first obvious objective is to set up qualified sales meetings with potentail clients.

 By conducting these demos and sales pitches ourselves, it allows us to not only improve our understanding of your ecosystem, but also prepare to better prepare the next step to increase our chances of closing a deal.



WinPeo gives you access to a complete management dashboard, including all the indicators that will allow you to analyze in details the performance of your campaign.

This dashboard uses consolidated data from all the data collected and generated by the campaign across all channels, allowing precise measurement by periods and by segments.

New generation team


Digital transformation, new communication tools impacts all of the company’s departments and its sales approach.


A team of more than 40 people who have only one goal: Performance! This team is at the forefront of all the latest platform best practices to push their limits day after day.

Our clients have chosen Winpeo for the following reasons:

Tracking KPI’s

Animation and management of your campaign


Number of contacts reached by our content (impressions)


Number of clicks


Social engagement (number of likes & comments)


Analysis and comparison of campaigns



Olivier DUPUIS
WinPeo is an excellent solution to have a dedicated, highly motivated, and qualified sales resource available to test acquisition on new channels. I will continue to use WinPeo when needed without any hesitation!"
Olivier DUPUIS
Damien Lasserre
"In 5 months, WinPeo has become our #1 partner in sales prospecting. Thanks to their "STARTER" solution, WinPeo has helped us reach and convert new customers more easily, and more quickly."
Damien Lasserre
Bernard de Burlin
WinPeo has multiple expertises that allowed us to successfully complete our outsourced prospecting campaign. "We really appreciated the quality of our exchanges and the team's involvement!"
Bernard de Burlin
Hugo Gervais
" WinPeo helped us to get leads very quickly. I was positively surprised by the results. WinPeo helped Urbest to increase lead generation in Belgium." What problems are WinPeo solving ? What benefits have you realized ? “Starting in a country with...
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Hugo Gervais

Who are we?

WinPeo Europe


Our team will fuel and boost the productivity of your sales people, by providing them with ultra-qualified leads.
To generate the best leads in different sectors, we surround ourselves with the best talents.

Our goal is to simplify the customer journey, to offer a better expertise to the user, while providing you with the complete data to understand the expectations of your future customers.

The advanced technical and operational knowledge of our experts ensures a high value-added service. Our Customer Success Managers are at your disposal to help you reach the moon.

What makes WinPeo so unique?

A European Group

We provide the same quality of service through our various European offices. We ensure that your global strategy is translated into local actions, with the right culture and language.

You control the ROI

We provide you with a complete report with the results of the outsourced prospecting strategy.

In particular, we analyse the following metrics and KPIs :
– Number of leads generated per month by our sales team
Cost of Sale (per acquired customer).
– Ratio of number of quotes sent versus number of leads,
– Conversion rate from leads into customers,
– Conversion rate versus marketing effort,
– Scalability potential,
– International transferability of the outsourced sales program.

Achieving the sales cycle from A to Z

By covering the entire sales cycle we ensure full responsibility from the first contact to the closing of the contract.

Business excellence at the heart of our priorities. Our all-in-one service not only speeds up your sales cycle, but also ensures a smoother and more cost-effective deployment.

Our Offices